Thinking Black and White

Looking down as I smirk my way out so that u dont recognize the difference between my real and faking smile , playing criss-cross with my fingers , calculating the space between each of my fingers for yours to fit in , rising my brows I try to ignore your words which would ache my […]

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Walking amidst the sunkissed morning I saw the shadows of you on trees. You shook hands hands with me and walked off. Leaving a cold shrill in me I turned back…. Found none . Followed never ending footsteps to reach you That touch of you left me bewildered. I ran through the dense jungle smelling […]



Slipping through the broken walls of her house She appeared like a moon so blue…..,so calm…… so surreal …..that can change a glance to a look , stare to a dream, frown to a smile . Trapping herself like in the red shackles of the society which holisticaly defines itself a “SARI”. The bells of […]

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Igniting the Fury

With scratches on face and  Shirt all torn   Hiding her face away  She spits on  society . The SOCIETY that killed her soul  The society that killed her happiness  Still gripping her hopes at EDGE she stands up again  To fight the ‘ Witches with Tentacles spread ‘               […]

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Silent CUDDLE…………

blog#blogger#poem#poetess#literature#silent#introvert#wordpress The harsh world stabs him with the thought that he’s a boy with pain, Who wants to just run away………. Run away to some distant land With the happy waves of ocean—– Cuddling him up in her arms so tight . He sits silently with the world crossing him by. Round he turns to […]

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Seizing my breath, Sealing the corners of my heart, Making myself a dumb spectator I watch out for u . But see none. I lost my dream Lost the reason to laugh Lost the reason to ponder Lost the reason of sunrise Lost the sparkling of stars Lost the greenary of trees Lost the ringing […]

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The sunkissed morning sparkles her up on bed, The cold Californian breeze blows by her hair leaving them frizzy, Sending her eyesight to some far off lonely island, and imagining the pirates about to invade the SEA. The dove perches on her shoulders to whisper the message of GOD, Jerked off by the realism of […]

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