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Yes, sushant now we feel you had so much to say !
There were words
There were emotions
There was a dreary marshy desert that was pulling you in
All you needed was a ferryman to cross that unending desert
The desert of silence
The desert of trauma
Hope you had a dew on ur dry leaf
Which could have saved you and stopped you from doing this
You didn’t deserve this harsh storm on your bare skin

You chose to release your soul than save the soil constituted body of yours

the body that underwent heartbreak! Pain! Depression! Or whatever you went through

All I wish you had a Ferryman here to talk out things to you and LOVE you
And thus wish your soul gets whatever it deserved down here , up there 😦

U will be missed in every memory you left here for us to savor on
We loved you . We will always love you

You’ll be remembered….

R.I.P 🙏🌿
@sushantsinghrajput 🌿

Please it’s a request to everyone out there
It’s okay if you are stuck in a problem which has no solution
It’s okay if you are confused by the fact what to do next
It’s okay to express yourself and your emotions in front of anyone or rather even in front of people you dont know
It’s okay to cry
It’s okay to feel devastated
It’s not okay to suppress yourself down under these thoughts
It’s not okay to take such a devastating step ……
Talk out people
Talk out !


Did I really just forget that melody? 🌱–>🍂

When you’re the person who is always there for others — you feel a lot. You have depths within you, an ocean for a heart, and you sometimes fall for people who are too afraid to swim. You give and you give and you give. You never know how to stop yourself from pouring into those you love.
And so, there are moments where a tender ache sometimes forms within your unhinged chest. There are moments where you are left wondering if someone will ever give you the love you so freely give to others, moments where you wonder if there will ever come a time when someone asks how you are doing, how you are coping, how you are healing.
See, sometimes the person who is always there for everyone else, needs someone there for them. Sometimes, the person who smiles the biggest holds the biggest hurt. Sometimes the person who encourages everyone around them needs to be told that they are appreciated, that they matter; sometimes they need to be encouraged, sometimes they need to be held — no matter how strong they seem, no matter how brightly they shine.
So, if you’re the person who is always there for others, know that your heart is rare. Know that you hold within you an ability to calm storms in people. Know that you give people hope, that you inspire them by acknowledging the pieces of them most ignore, that you make people feel wanted, that you make people feel like they have purpose.
However, also remind yourself that you are not invincible. Your heart needs rest. You need rest. Remind yourself that you do not need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, that you may not be able to save everyone, that you may not be able to heal every hurt. Remind yourself that you deserve to take all of the energy you put out into the world and invest it back into yourself from time to time. That you are worthy of the love you keep giving to everyone else. Remind yourself, that you don’t always have to be strong, that you don’t always have to be the fixer. Remind yourself that you can be human, that you can ask for help; that you don’t always have to be the one to save yourself……………………….

Keep on reminding yourself that it was never that you forgot the melody to how u used to live your life make ur life always go 🌱–>🌱 and not 🌱–>🍂

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##Real Talk##

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Hey Hi ! This is Priyal Tiwary here…

Today lets all of us have a real talk about random topics ……..yeah I know it sounds a bit nuts when I tell lets have a real talk that too here …..cause it’s really difficult right , but not impossible ………come on lets use the comment box today and lets connect to as many talented writers as possible

Okay so lets start …..

1. How many of u write just for you yourself and not to please others ????

2. How many you love beaches over mountains ??

3. How many of you love the petrichor smell over cold wind blowing on ur face??

4. How many girls out there love to let there hair open without any restrictions ??

5. Link the website of the blog of your site which is really near to your heart ….( I m really excited to read all of them )

6. Mention 5 best quality that makes u adorable. ( cause I really believe in self love )

7. What do you prefer a hot cup of coffee in you balcony with ur beloved or a nice dim light mid night dinner in a georgeous resturant on a lonely dark highway???

8. What do u love to guide or to be guided ??

9. Best memory with someone close to your heart……??

10. Your favourite movie and and book as well ????

11. The person who is really possessive about you ?? And also do mention whether you like such behaviour from him or her ???

So these were some of the questions which I really wanna know . No issues if you don’t want to answer to all questions ……answer to the questions which you love to .

It’s just a small effort from my side just to know all talented people out there.

And and most importantly plz dont forget to mention your name before answering to any questions .

(P.S- feel free to write your heart out )

See the best sunset of your Life

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You have to let go of the life you could’ve had. The life you would be living if you hadn’t made certain choices. If you hadn’t let certain people in or went down certain destructive paths or been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wishing for things to be different and beating yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made won’t change your circumstances. It’s happened, it’s done, and this is where you’re at. And it’s okay. You’ll be okay.
Your life isn’t over – it’s just going to be different. But different doesn’t have to mean bad. It just means you have to become a little more creative with your self-care. It means you have to find slightly different ways to navigate the world and your outlook to see things . And sometimes, it means finding new strengths; strengths that open new doors and door that lead to new passions and friendships and connections. Doors that make you look back and laugh for doubting the resiliency of life – for doubting your own resiliency.
You can’t go back and change the past, but you can decide how you live today. Your story isn’t over yet. There might be pain and struggle, but there are always ways to make your time here meaningful and worthwhile. It might not happen over night, and it might challenge you, but the light is there. There’s more than one way to experience love and friendship and family and beauty. There’s more than one way to live a happy and fulfilling life.

It does’nt mean u always have to be wrong , just change your ways change your wants …..and then see the magic that craves out new paths . What if one door closes on you and leaves you out in a dark dreary night …..have faith have believe ……every dreary night is follower by a bright kissing morning .

Good luck …..give your best . And do believe in miracles , cause they are strong enough to change your life .

(P.S- telling all these with self experience , so dont lose hope. just embrace yourself and keep going.)

Yes You do deserve to …..

You deserve to fall in love with someone who makes you forget your heart was ever broken.
Someone who manages to find all of your scattered shards in the many places they fell, and slowly stick them back together again, piece by piece.
You won’t be the same as you were before, but you will finally feel whole again.
You deserve someone who reminds you why nothing before this ever worked out. Why your heart had to break.
Someone who quietly manages to replace most of your painful memories with beautiful ones.
You deserve to fall in love again.
You deserve to find someone who is content not being your first love, but praying they’ll be your last.
Someone who restores your faith and makes you believe in everything all over again.
In love, in the stars, and in yourself too.
You deserve a love that lasts this time.
You deserve someone who shows you that they love you every day. That they choose you.
You deserve your happy ending.
Someone who sticks around, and never plans on walking away.
But most of all, you deserve someone who finally makes you see that the one who broke your heart is really the only one who ever lost anything.


I know u want me to be like u…..I know u want me to be like the one u desire…..cause u know what u deserve . Cause u know my real self doesnt deserve u …… Days passed months passed u tried ur best to change me ….but I didnt……for the first time I saw u disapointed on me …for the first time I saw u frustrated………. for the first time I felt u gave up on me , for the first time I felt ” did I really fail to stand ur real deserving “………….

Then why did you stop me from living my life as i want….why did you always made me do what you wanted and never asked what I desired for???????
Today either answer this question of mine or dont stop me from turning away …….away to some distant land …….. ♥♥♥
Cause I have got answer to all my questions I was wrong it was u who didnt deserve me. It was U who didnt want to subdue your worth with my deemed self . ….It was u who didnt want the fire to grow in me .it was you who proved

“Whether FIRE or ICE………its always the fire that wins ”

Today I ask all such respected women out there stop stooping down in front of men or people who doubt your worth who doubt your confidence ………and start answering them with the glow and fire in you .♥♥♥♥



Thinking Black and White

Looking down as I smirk my way out so that u dont recognize the difference between my real and faking smile , playing criss-cross with my fingers , calculating the space between each of my fingers for yours to fit in , rising my brows I try to ignore your words which would ache my ears , spurting the blood out of it.

And you , who sit there ignoring the pain , the trauma I may be going through , jerking me off with every word and tearing my soul apart from yours .

But I still sit there smiling , kicking my pain out and humming as I try to hide my site meeting with yours—

“One last time …………

I need to be the one who takes your heart ”

———–Ariana Grande

trying to make my fingers , which longed for your presence near it, dance to the beats of ‘One Last Time’ and my eyes still drowned in the sea of lonliness even if it had him as its life boat ,

Until he announced the heart-throbing words , looking down at those bloody achy fingers which try to betray his ” hahaha , why are you always happy , huh!!!!”

Hearing those words I smiled and smiled (maybe the brightest one according to him) trying to escape the unwanted question and the unwanted pain still hanging my neck in despair creating the air of ignorance and just answered

“God gave me everything that I need right here with a bit of golden glitter to it”

(P.S– writing every word as I feel it)


Walking amidst the sunkissed morning
I saw the shadows of you on trees.
You shook hands hands with me and walked off.
Leaving a cold shrill in me
I turned back….
Found none .
Followed never ending footsteps to reach you
That touch of you left me bewildered.
I ran through the dense jungle smelling –
for the odour that gave back life to my instincts .
faced the wildness offered to me by it .
my legs gave up , but , i left no HOPE.
Left no path unturned and kept on running .
The sun went down to hide its tears ,the sky blushed purple to black
The moon came up to kiss my efforts but…. ALAS.
the winds of failure blew over my last rays of determined hope
Down i fell,
with baited breadth,
as my knees felt the ground,
my hands kissed the sand,
and , my head hung in shame .
SUDDENLY, from the middle of nowhere…..
a voice
a voice
so Royal
Scowled on me and gave a bashing slap of ‘Truth’
” Just stop your nonsense you IDIOT
He was no other than a jouska
whom you loved till today ”


Slipping through the broken walls of her house

She appeared like a moon so blue…..,so calm…… so surreal …..that can change a glance to a look , stare to a dream, frown to a smile .

Trapping herself like in the red shackles of the society which holisticaly defines itself a “SARI”.

The bells of annoucement of her feet to a place and warns the people to hush up , sophistically calls itself a “payal”.

And this altogether comprises itself to ” one INDIAN Women “

And her “unbrakable firey shakles” of SOCIETY .

Which changed her …………………

…………aims into fairy tales (which are so not true ).

………….. neck revealing her bones into a shop of jewels .

………….parents to in-laws , Best-friends to Husband (a bit less than a beast ).

…………maang tika to adorn with on occasions so rare to a permanent vermillion mark.

……………her passion into dream too high to reach …………

……….and never to reach…………….

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Igniting the Fury


With scratches on face and 

Shirt all torn  

Hiding her face away 

She spits on  society .

The SOCIETY that killed her soul 

The society that killed her happiness 

Still gripping her hopes at EDGE

she stands up again 

To fight the ‘ Witches with Tentacles spread ‘

                                      With every bruise 

                                      With every cut

she kills her conscience .

       she kills her faith .

                                     With every tear 

                                     With every sob 

she remembers the promises

       she remembers the pain.

                                     With every castle

                                     and, With every cage

she looks down upon ……………………………………………….

            THE Girl sitting by the Pane 

With saris all torn ,

            counting the hither and tithers all around her

AND drinking her tears 


                                     ……………………….TO kill her FAITH………………………….. 

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