##Real Talk##

#selflove , #love , #poetess , #wordpress Hey Hi ! This is Priyal Tiwary here… Today lets all of us have a real talk about random topics ……..yeah I know it sounds a bit nuts when I tell lets have a real talk that too here …..cause it’s really difficult right , but not impossible […]

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See the best sunset of your Life

#motivational , #poetess ,#selflove , #inspirational You have to let go of the life you could’ve had. The life you would be living if you hadn’t made certain choices. If you hadn’t let certain people in or went down certain destructive paths or been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wishing for things […]

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Yes You do deserve to …..

You deserve to fall in love with someone who makes you forget your heart was ever broken.Someone who manages to find all of your scattered shards in the many places they fell, and slowly stick them back together again, piece by piece.You won’t be the same as you were before, but you will finally feel […]

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I know u want me to be like u…..I know u want me to be like the one u desire…..cause u know what u deserve . Cause u know my real self doesnt deserve u …… Days passed months passed u tried ur best to change me ….but I didnt……for the first time I saw […]

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Thinking Black and White

Looking down as I smirk my way out so that u dont recognize the difference between my real and faking smile , playing criss-cross with my fingers , calculating the space between each of my fingers for yours to fit in , rising my brows I try to ignore your words which would ache my […]

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Walking amidst the sunkissed morning I saw the shadows of you on trees. You shook hands hands with me and walked off. Leaving a cold shrill in me I turned back…. Found none . Followed never ending footsteps to reach you That touch of you left me bewildered. I ran through the dense jungle smelling […]



Slipping through the broken walls of her house She appeared like a moon so blue…..,so calm…… so surreal …..that can change a glance to a look , stare to a dream, frown to a smile . Trapping herself like in the red shackles of the society which holisticaly defines itself a “SARI”. The bells of […]

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