Walking amidst the sunkissed morning
I saw the shadows of you on trees.
You shook hands hands with me and walked off.
Leaving a cold shrill in me
I turned back….
Found none .
Followed never ending footsteps to reach you
That touch of you left me bewildered.
I ran through the dense jungle smelling –
for the odour that gave back life to my instincts .
faced the wildness offered to me by it .
my legs gave up , but , i left no HOPE.
Left no path unturned and kept on running .
The sun went down to hide its tears ,the sky blushed purple to black
The moon came up to kiss my efforts but…. ALAS.
the winds of failure blew over my last rays of determined hope
Down i fell,
with baited breadth,
as my knees felt the ground,
my hands kissed the sand,
and , my head hung in shame .
SUDDENLY, from the middle of nowhere…..
a voice
a voice
so Royal
Scowled on me and gave a bashing slap of ‘Truth’
” Just stop your nonsense you IDIOT
He was no other than a jouska
whom you loved till today ”

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